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Terms of the VAT refund to buyers outside the European Union

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Terms of the VAT refund to buyers outside the European Union

1) To take the opportunity of VAT refund on purchased goods, the individual has to have a permanent residence outside the European Union, then make a purchase in the online store

2) The value of purchases made in the online store, has to be 300.00 PLN, gross amount

3) To take advantage of the TAX FREE purchasing procedure, the buyer shall:

a) While making an order with online store the following information has to be indicated:

I) in the "Comments on the order" field enter "Shopping TAX FREE" and additionally indicate the country, the passport series and number and the place where you will cross a border with the European Union.

II) in the "Invoice data" field indicate the entry information, according to the data in the passport (name, surname, address: street, house number, postcode, city) to issue a receipt correctly.

b) After receiving the completed order the buyer has to make sure that the goods were delivered intact and together with the following documents:

I) a receipt from the cash register

II) completed document "VAT refund for travelers TAX FREE FOR TOURISTS"

c) The purchased goods should be exported intact from the European Union, no later than the last day of the third month following the month of purchase.

d) When crossing the border of the European Union the buyer has to show a customs official the purchased goods in the intact form, and a receipt from the cash register with the document "VAT refund for travelers TAX FREE FOR TOURISTS”- ATTENTION !!! make sure that the customs officer

put a stamp with the number confirming the exportation of the goods on the document "VAT refund for travelers TAX FREE FOR TOURISTS" and entered the place and date of the exportation.

e) The document "VAT refund for travelers TAX FREE FOR TOURISTS" should be supplemented by the information about the bank account number in form of IBAN and SWIFT code, to which VAT refund for purchased and delivered goods should be carried out, and the original shall be delivered to the following

address: AGD HOME Ciura, Wysokiński Sp. J. ul. Sławęcińska 8, Macierzysz, 05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki not later than within 10 months from the end of the month,

in which the delivery of ordered goods was carried out.

f) the accordance with the present rules guarantees the refund of VAT on goods purchased in

g) With the refund of VAT on purchased goods you will be charged a 3% commission of the amount of the refunded VAT on purchased goods, but not less than 19 PLN.

h) Each transaction is recorded on the website of "VAT REFUND FOR TRAVELLERS"

Legal basis:

Art. 126-130 of the Act dated 11 March 2004 about the Tax on goods and services (Legal Acts Bulletin, 2011 No. 177, pos. 1054 as amended).

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